Winning the bookie on the ball is not difficult with a great formula

football leagues

Most of the world’s top football leagues have returned or set an official return date. That’s why the online bookmakers are operating extremely strongly with a variety of different types of bets. It can be said that this is a good opportunity for us betting enthusiasts to be entertained as well as make a profit from them. To help you have the best betting experience possible, I would like to share an in-depth formula that works very well for predicting football results. With us, you will definitely become the winner with the first bet you place on this site

Specific Formula

When participating in football betting at online bookmakers, players often research the position and score of each team to make judgments. But if only looking at the scores achieved by two teams before a particular match to determine the strength of the correlation, one can be deceived by the numbers if the number of matches played by the two teams is not the same. And when comparing the score with the corresponding number of matches, it is difficult to imagine the difference between two teams with different points and numbers of matches. For example, is the team with 49 points after 20 games stronger or weaker than the team that got 45 points after 17 games? That is not to mention another difference lies in the number of matches played, how many home matches, how many away matches? The “score rate” formula helps you solve this problem.

Specifically, the calculation method is applied using the following formula: (A–B) x 100. In which: A is the number of points achieved at home by the home team divided by the number of matches at home respectively. B is the number of points achieved on the opponent’s field by the away team divided by the number of matches played on the respective opponent’s field.

The highest result achieved is +300, and the lowest is -300. The closer the “point ratio” is to +300, the more likely the home team will win. It is not difficult to imagine that this is the result obtained by a team that always wins at home and a team that always loses on the opponent’s field. The closer the “point ratio” is to -300, the more likely the home team will lose. The closer the “score ratio” is to zero, the higher the chances of a tie. Of course, a positive “point ratio” means the home team is dominant, and vice versa. If you always keep a close eye on the European leagues, you can also pre-install this simple formula on your computer and always have a “score rate” to refer to before any match.

Practical examples

For example, calculate the “point percentage” before the Liverpool – West Ham match. Let’s say Liverpool have played 10 home games with 6 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses. West Ham has played nine away matches with 2 wins, 1 draw, and 6 losses. The “ratio of points” would be: [(20/10) – (7/9)] x 100 = 123.

With a “ratio of points” of 123, we can temporarily conclude that Liverpool has a high probability of winning. From there, join the European bet at the online bookmakers with the winning option for Liverpool.

In summary, I believe that you will greatly simplify the analysis and make judgments every time you participate in betting at online bookmakers. With it, you will definitely win.